Jumps Skills Class - Timeline classes will run for up to 3 hours


Beginner and Intermediate classes


Introduction, bike check and setup - 20 to 30 mins 

Meeting at Dodzy’s Skills Park car park or Waipa carpark for registration and sign waivers.

Get to know the riders, where and what they like to ride the most.

Safety check for bikes and look at bike setup(looking at suspension pressures, rebound and compression. Also looking at lever and bar positioning)


Getting on the bike - 10 to 20 mins  

Make sure they are confident with gear changes and safely using brakes.

Body position - go through body position on the bike, concentrating on the aggressive or descend position.


Keeping wheels on the ground - 10 to 15 mins

Theory of squashing a jump 

When and why


On one jump, practice gradually increasing speed and keeping wheels in contact with the ground


Pumping - 10 to 15 mins

Breaking down pumping the bike into basic movements

Explaining how pumping is important to jumping and riding in general

Demonstration and then practice


Getting wheels off the ground - 20 to 30 mins

Looking at getting airborne on small table top jumps (Dodzy’s Skills Park or Dipper)

Talk through stages of jumping (Approach, Pump, Takeoff, in air, Landing, Riding out)


Working up speed into one feature until wheels can come off the ground


Practice on multiple features - approximately 1 hour

Practice hitting different features and linking them together, both squashing and clearing the jumps

Depending on confidence and competence move to slightly large features as appropriate


Wrap-up - 10 mins

Quickly go back over the points covered in the course:

  • Bike setup

  • Body position

  • Squashing

  • Pumping

  • Jumping

  • Linking features together

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