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Learn to jump and take your skill to the next
level with your own private coach
E-Bike specific sessions available on request
$300 for a one-on-one session 

Want to learn to Jump? 

Don't we all.... and now here is your opportunity. Learning the skills that set you up to jump, and then finally nailing that first table top will absolutely change the way you ride forever. Elevating to that next level of riding doesn't just give you the skills you need to show off in front of your friends, it changes your point of view of trails looking at lines you never would have thought of before. Once you dial in this wonderful skill set you will enjoy riding on a whole new level.


Where will we ride?
At the moment we are only operating in Rotorua. Two big reasons; It's a great place and the trails here are PERFECT!

The Whakarewarewa Forest MTB Trail Network is the home of the School of Mountain Biking Jump Class.

How does it work?
Simple. Send us an email from the form below. We'll work together to make a date that works best for you. You meet us at our Mountain Bike Rotorua Waipa Base (Waipa MTB Carpark, Waipa State Mill Rd). We teach you how to jump.


We take one on one lessons (or two on one if both riders are the same skill level, this is a must though) taking you, the rider, through the motions of getting airborne. These 2 hour, low ratio sessions allow you the time you need to be able to get as much as possible out of the session with your instructor/guide as you can. Any longer and you run the risk of getting the dreaded "brain fry"! The feeling of information overload where you start to go backwards in learning pretty quickly.


So I'll be able to jump afterwards right?
Our staff are good, really good. They'll present and teach the skills necessary to gain the confidence to jump and most people who come for this specific purpose will jump. Can we guarantee this? No, but we are pretty confident that you should be getting air within your first session.

How much?

$300 for a "one on one" session OR $200pp for a "two on one" with your private coach and this includes;

  • We'll check you in and get you sorted out with how to get on and off the lifts

  • 2 hour Jump specific session with our Jump Coach (allow a little bit of time to check in etc. too)


Please note that two on one sessions MUST have riders at the same ability level.


Anything else I need?

Yup, you need


  • a great attiitude

  • the willingness to learn

  • some experience, preferably intermediate level riders riding grade 3 trails

  • a quality bike (email us as we can arrange bike hire too)

  • safety gear (helmet and gloves a must, knee and elbow pads are optional but a pretty good idea, full face helmet and neck brace aren't necessary but can be arranged)


Flick us an email if you're interested in a jump class.

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