Thank you for choosing us as your guide through some of the most magically isolated and favourite destinations available in Aotearoa, Land of the Long, White Cloud.  The following document outlines important conditions to note upon booking. By paying a deposit and confirming your tour with MDA Experiences (or our affiliate companies), you are verifying that you have read and understood these details and how they pertain to you. Please read each item carefully before continuing with the booking process.


General Conditions:

  • Payment may be made by cash, direct deposit, International Money Transfer or credit card (Visa,MasterCard)

  • For Credit Card payments we prefer to either do these in person or over the phone by keying in tour details to our terminals manually.

  • All prices are quoted and must be paid in New Zealand dollars unless otherwise stated.

  • If airfares are included in tour package, any payment required to cover those airfare costs is required when tickets are issued, and are subject to rules, regulations and taxes imposed by airline policy.

  • Partial refunds are not given in the event of unused accommodation, activity or transport for any reason.  Tour costs are quoted as a package fare and refunds are not given for services that are not used.  

  • MDA Experiences reserves the right to change itinerary route or activity in the event of  bad weather, track or road conditions, river levels, transportation delays, sickness or any other contingency that prevents our guides from safely or professionally leading the tour, or in the case of events outside our control.  We regret we are unable to provide reimbursement or refund for any costs incurred or activity missed in this situation, but we do endeavour to maintain a quality experience for our clients in the event of these alterations. 


Travel Insurance:

New Zealanders joining a MDA Experiences are covered by ACC and our own policies in the event of an accident or theft while on tour with us.  International travelers only receive limited cover while in New Zealand for these events, and we highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance through your agent, at the time of placing your booking.  Please check with your agent or insurance broker to ensure your tour arrangements and activities are fully covered.  


Health Conditions:

It is mandatory for all participating guests to notify MDA Experiences of any medical conditions, either on the day as per our Casual Booking Sheet, or as outlined in our Client Questionnaire completed before your arrival.  We also ask guests to update us should a medical condition arise after the completion of this form, prior to joining a Multi-Day Adventures’ activity.  


Guests further acknowledge their understanding that we are often in remote locations where immediate rescue assistance is not possible, and that it is important to supply MDA Experiences with their medical history.  This information is essential in ensuring in our trip preparations are as thorough as they may be, allowing us to properly assist in the event of a possible incident.  Trip Leaders are fully authorized to prevent the participation of any individual should they appear physically or mentally unfit for the activity, or if their participation may endanger themselves or the rest of the group.  In these circumstances, refunds are not given.  MDA Experiences accepts no responsibility for medical costs incurred while traveling in New Zealand, and urges guests to obtain comprehensive travel or medical insurance.  


Complaints Procedure:

We strive to make your adventure in New Zealand as easy and fun-filled as possible, and pride ourselves on exceptional service and a quality experience.  If, for any reason, you have been unhappy with any facet of a MDA Experience’s product, we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible.  We shall do all that we can to remedy the inconvenience immediately, however, we also welcome written complaints within 28 days of your visit, should you prefer a more formalized procedure.  We will gladly investigate all such incidents informing you of any outcome, and value any improvements that we may make as a result. 




Deposit Criteria:

For direct bookings we usually require full payment to confirm your service. In some cases we may only request a deposit to ensure bookings are confirmed.  If you are asked to pay a deposit, please do so using one of the methods outlined above. 


By paying for a service with MDA Experiences, including trip deposits, guests are agreeing to the criteria outlined in this document.  Casual bookings who don’t make payment or place a deposit will be asked to carefully read and understand the Booking Conditions prior to confirming their service and undertaking any activity with MDA Experiences.  


Cancellation Policy & Refunds:

We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may lead to a cancellation in plans, and have set out the policy below to allow for these situations in the event a deposit has been paid:


Bookings cancelled less than 7 days from trip start:  No refund

Bookings cancelled less than 14 days from trip start: 50% trip cost refunded

Bookings cancelled less than 30 days from trip start: 80% of trip cost refunded


We kindly ask any guests who are unable to make their booking, to notify us as soon as possible.  


MDA Experiences reserves the right to cancel any planned service for any reason that may prevent us from feasibly or safely conducting the activity. In this event, any deposits or payments already paid by clients will be refunded in full.  

Public MTB Shuttles and Private Shuttle Charters:

Use of the public and private shuttles is at your own risk. While Mountain Bike Rotorua Shuttles has made a significant investment to develop an efficient and safe uplift system, we will not accept liability for damage of equipment while using our services.

Aircraft Charter:

Multi-Day Adventures uses outside providers for air charter and has very strict policy with regards to booking procedures.


Private Air Charter Deposit:

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the aircraft for your confirmed booking. Full payment is expected 2 weeks prior to booking date.


Private Air Charter Cancellation:

We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may lead to a cancellation in plans, and have set out the policy below to allow for these situations in the event a deposit has been paid:


Cancellations 7 days from trip start:  No refund

Cancellations between 7 days and 14 days: 50% of trip cost refunded

Cancellations prior to 2 weeks from trip start: 80% of trip cost refunded


As we have many activities we undertake, we understand it can be confusing in knowing what to bring.  Guests should be informed of what to bring either over the phone at the time of booking, or via email prior to their arrival.  We have created a short list of our provisions and required pre-trip information for some of our more popular adventures to assist in preparing. 



We require:  Height (for sizing bikes), Experience level & Medical History information.

We provide:  Mountain Bike, Safety Helmet and Professional Guide for guided rides (tours).

You need to wear/bring:  Shorts (preferably padded cycle shorts), T-shirt or Cycle top, Long-sleeve thermal top, Water resistant shell (optional), water bottle or hydration pack, towel, change of clothes and any medication (ie asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.)



We require:  Wetsuit & Lifejacket sizes, Age & Medical History information

We provide:  Wetsuit, Lifejacket, Helmet, Booties, Fleece & Sprayjacket for each guest, as well as rafts, paddles, satellite phone support and qualified guides.  For your safety, our rafting equipment and policies are routinely checked and audited by Maritime New Zealand.  

You need to wear/bring:  Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes and any medication (ie asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.)



We require: Lifejacket size and Medical History information

We provide:  Lifejacket, Fleece, Paddles and Kayaks or Waka; Wetsuits, Booties and Spray jackets are also provided for Kayaking missions, or upon request for the waka.

You need to wear/bring: Swimsuit, Shorts (preferably water-resistant), Long-sleeve thermal top, water bottle or hydration pack, towel, change of clothes and any medication (ie asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.)



Finally, while on a MDA Experiences, we readily encourage our clients to relax, unwind and enjoy their surroundings.   It is mandatory to smile at every opportunity while participating, and we will be routinely checking this policy to ensure it is being followed with the utmost effort. We would appreciate clients remaining in contact after their tour, and look forward to assisting in future endeavours or communications, should they be so inclined. Ma te wa! We look forward to meeting you soon!