“Ma ahau anake e whakapaingia te Ao”
It is my responsibility, and mine alone, to make the world a better place
- Takurua Mutu, Mountain Bike Rotorua Director


There has been joy and anticipation this week as selected Rotorua people have come face-to-face with their new set of wheels. Recipients of the Bicycle Recycle initiative have been selected and some are beginning to get their gift. Bicycle Recycle asked people to drop their old bikes into Mountain Bike Rotorua so the bikes could get fixed up and passed on. The Hits then asked people to nominate those who they thought should receive a recycled bike.

Barbara Ward, 71, was one of the many excited recipients. She nominated herself and says she loves the forest and has always loves biking. However, she had recently tried out her cheap bike and it wore her out.

Barbara says she was taken aback when she found out she would be receiving a bike because she did not send in her nomination with much hope. She is very happy with the bike she has received, saying she did not expect one so great. Mountain Bike Rotorua co-owner Tu Mutu says with Barbara they did not have a donated bike suitable for her, so he and his brother Tak donated one from their own company fleet of new hire bikes.


Cousin to owners Takurua and Tuhua Mutu, local Tuhourangi/Ngati Whakaue and downhill mountain biking champion Tuhoto Ariki Pene was an easy choice to get behind for MDA Experiences and Mountain Bike Rotorua. With a dedication to sport, a humble attitude and skills that compete with the worlds best, this young star is on his way to the top step. Tak and Tu presented a sponsorship deal for Tuhoto and look forward to providing both cash and mentoring to help him reach his goals. Here is what Tuhoto says about himself;

I'm Tuhoto-Ariki and I'm 18 years old currently based in Maketu, New Zealand.  Since 2 years old, riding bikes has been my passion from the first moments of swinging a leg over that kids bike! From then on this passion has never stopped and continues greatly to this day and on. Along the way, ever since I was old enough to race in BMX, I have since won multiple NZ titles in junior classes and has taken me to compete at a world championship level internationally.


"It has been exciting to see the people's reactions as they have come in to see and retrieve their new bikes.”

- NZME October 2018

In preperation for the New Zealand National Series I worked full time  6-8 months prior to be able to afford the expenses of competing at as many rounds as possible. I reaped the benefits and claimed the NZ 2019 National Downhill Series 1st place. Feeling good as I headed into 2019 Crankworx Rotorua with tough competition I walked away with 1st in Dual Slalom,  

2nd in Air Downhill and 3rd in Downhill. All the hard work, time and effort put into my riding / racing has resulted with a very successful race in the Junior Elite class recently returning from Bright, Australia as the 2019 U19 Oceania Downhill Champion. With a taste of success and victory, I am hungry for more and ready to take it to the next level!


Last year with my consistent results in riding I was fortunate enough to qualify for UCI MTB World Cup Series 2018. With a lot of fundraising, working and support from my family, friends and sponsors; I was able to compete in multiple Crankworx events, three World Cups and the 2018 UCI MTB World Championships. Returning home as World 7. With my goal being to compete as a pro rider in the future and become a Downhill World Champion.



The MDA Experiences Whanau have been active members in community  service projects since its inception in 1989. Whether it be social or environmental initiatives, we pride ourselves on being strong advocates of Kaitiakitanga. As part of the MDA Group, Mountain Bike Rotorua are dedicated to being involved in the community. Here are just a couple of examples of how we get out and about: